Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colorado Enters 2016 Presidential Race in Center of Partisan Universe

Gallup’s newly released assessment of partisanship in the states shows Colorado 23rd when ranked in percentage of Democrats.

Since the apex of Democratic advantage in partisanship in 2008, the country has shifted toward the Republicans. There were 29 solid Democratic states in 2008 and 2014 records only 17. Republicans jumped from four to ten solid states from 2008 to 2014. However, there are still two more Democratic (17) states (solid and lean) than Republican (15). (Nationally, Democrats have a 3-point advantage.)

There has been a sharp rise in competitive states of which Colorado is near the center in terms of balance between Democrat and Republican. Gallup lists 18 competitive states where neither party has an advantage of five points or more. The only states closer in partisanship than Colorado are Nevada, Louisiana and Ohio.

In terms of its western neighbors, Colorado’s partisan position highlights its competitive image. California is the most Democratic (47%) western state, followed closely by Washington (45%), New Mexico (45%) and then Oregon (44%). Colorado (43%) makes it 23rd in the country and just off the center of the West. Dead center is Nevada (40%) and nearby Arizona (39%).

Further down the list in terms of self-identified Democrats are Arizona (39%) and Montana (33%). The West holds the three lowest spots in the country for percentage of Democrats: Idaho (27%), Utah (26%) and Wyoming (23%).

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