Friday, June 14, 2013

Fracking has its Enemies

Many of the opponents of fracking claim it’s mostly about the impacts on their cities, neighborhoods or groundwater supplies.  But, the most serious advocates of fracking bans are really opponents of continued use of hydrocarbons, even less carbon-producing natural gas.

They don’t support a bridge fuel to use for the expected 20 to 30 years needed to reach greater access to reliable and affordable renewable energy. Rather, they believe only by limiting access to hydrocarbon alternatives will their goal of wind and solar dominance be achieved.

Hence, they will use government; that is, cities, counties and the state to limit oil and gas production. And, fracking is the latest target.

Colorado is already in frequent local battles over bans and/or moratoriums in cities and counties. The state legislature has proposed regulations that would heavily regulate fracking, which only a gubernatorial veto has restrained. And, a statewide ballot initiative is a possibility.

A recent Los Angeles Times poll shows a statewide ban on fracking has support. More than half (58%) of Californians favor a moratorium on fracking. More than 70 percent want a ban or heavy regulation.

Oil and gas production in California is a multi-billion dollar business and voters in the affected areas are supporters. Even statewide voters support production when told it could lead to lower gas prices. But, clearly voters are concerned and total ban advocates have options.

See LA Times: Californians uneasy about fracking’s safety, lack of oversight

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