Friday, April 12, 2013

Democrats Take on Business During Last Month

Even the Democratic-friendly Denver Chamber is expressing concern about a host of anti-business bills moving through the state legislature during its last month.
  • Bills that will increase litigation cost (easier to file lawsuits favored by the trial bar)
  • Bills that mandate more renewable energy for rural electrical associations (Denver Post criticized it in editorial)
  • Bills increasing government and business budgets by expanding eligibility to entitlements
  • Bills that restrict lending
And, of course, an aggressive and even hostile approach to one of Colorado’s leading industries – gas and oil.  “Dialogue around these bills leaves impression that many legislators aren’t concerned with…problem solve[ing] but instead are engaging in a vitriolic attack.”

The Chamber, as of April 3, was opposing five anti-business bills (SB202, HB1269, HB1267, HB1273 and HB1275).

In one of the most liberal legislative sessions in modern Colorado history, does the pro-business Democratic governor apply the brakes again?

See Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce newsletter: Ensuring Colorado’s competitive status

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