Monday, October 8, 2012

DU and Debates Won

Two strong winners from last Wednesday’s presidential debate were DU and the remaining debates.

Seventy million people watched the debate and millions more streamed it.
  • DU was mentioned repeatedly
  • Chancellor Coombe gave a prime time welcome
  • The media support in the spin room (media filing area) was excellent
  • The students, staff and faculty participated
“There is no doubt that people will leave this debate with a very, very enriched sense of who these two men are, both in terms of their ability to handle questions, handle each other and handle the substance of the material,” Ciruli said.  (9News, 10-2-12)
Although the debate format was controversial, it accomplished its purpose.  Expect large audiences for the next three debates.

VP debate, Oct. 11
Presidential town hall, Oct. 16
Foreign policy, Oct. 22

Also see Denver Business Journal: Audience for Denver debate topped 67 million

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