Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Colorado’s Congressional Incumbents Favored, But Challengers are at Least on List

In a newly published list of the sixty most competitive congressional House races in the country, Colorado’s 6th congressional district contest between incumbent Mike Coffman and Democrat challenger Joe Miklosi ranked 32nd.  Unfortunately, the analyst believes not more than 10 to 20 seats will flip between parties, failing to give Democrats back control.  However, it’s still an indication that Washington observers believe the 6th CD is in play.  The amount of money being spent on television ads confirms that outside interest groups believe the race is close.

The 3rd CD ranks 44th with incumbent Scott Tipton (R) battling Sal Pace (D).  The Perlmutter vs. Coors (7th CD) race did not make the list.

See Washington Post:  The Fix 60: The most important House races in the country

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