Thursday, October 25, 2012

Battlegrounds Contract and Tighten for Obama

Barack Obama is still leading in many of the nine battleground states identified by his campaign early in 2012, but North Carolina now appears firmly in Mitt Romney’s camp and Obama’s lead in all the states has tightened by 2 or more points since the landmark October 3 debate.

Colorado is now dead even with more than 400,000 voters cast. Romney received a hero’s welcome in Colorado on Tuesday and visited Nevada and Iowa, both of which are still leaning toward Obama.

If Obama can hold Ohio, Romney needs a perfect sweep of other battlegrounds or to open areas that were thought in the Democratic camp.  In battleground states, Romney has stepped up activity in Wisconsin and New Hampshire.  Both Florida and Virginia are now trending toward Romney, with Florida’s polling average now favoring him.  Romney is adding Pennsylvania and Michigan for stepped up activities.

See AP article:  Once Obama country, Colorado now razor-close

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