Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vidal Says No - Definitively

No surprise. Bill Vidal is not running for mayor. Not only would he have gone back on his own word, but he promised his mentor and former boss, John Hickenlooper, he would not be a candidate. Running would have also made it very uncomfortable for numerous city employees who are supporting other candidates.
But wait – Vidal began listening to friends, money people and consultants. Forget his repeated statements about not running, or his understanding with Hickenlooper (Vidal disputes this but frankly his statement is not credible) or the reliance and expectations of other candidates and much of the political establishment, just push ahead.
Then have second thoughts, back out and attack Hickenlooper. An amazingly weird performance, which mostly makes Vidal look disingenuous and damages his credibility as Mayor.
Although Hickenlooper probably won this exchange with his former deputy manager, it served to remind people Hickenlooper is still playing politics in Denver.
Given more than a million dollars has now been raised, the various interests and consultants looking for new candidates probably will back off and go with someone in the field. Expect to see the race consolidate quickly.
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