Friday, January 24, 2020

The Political Year Starts Now

Panel of political experts examine the Colorado political landscape a month before the presidential primary (March 3) and senatorial caucus (March 7).

Will impeachment hurt Cory Gardner? Will Super Tuesday decide the winner or are Democrats going to a contested convention? Is Colorado a swing state, light or dark blue? Hundreds of initiatives have been filed. What will make the ballot?

Floyd Ciruli, Moderator
Director, Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research, Josef Korbel School at University of Denver

Sheila MacDonald, Democratic consultant, state and local campaigns
Dick Wadhams, consultant, former Republican chair
Joey Bunch, senior writer, deputy editor, Colorado Politics

Sheila MacDonald, Dick Wadhams and Joey Bunch

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Colorado Water Congress State Convention
January 30, 2020
9:15 am
Westin Westminster

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Dave Barnes said...

You keep spelling Dickwad Hams name incorrectly.