Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hickenlooper Maintains Approval as He Begins Presidential Walkabout – KOA Interview

Gov. John Hickenlooper | Alex Wong/Getty Images
A new Morning Consult poll shows Governor John Hickenlooper maintains an approval rating that puts him in the top ten among fellow governors. His net approval is a positive 23 points; President Trump’s is a negative 13. Given he’s at the end of his term and governing in the age of polarization that produces more gridlock than accomplishments, Hickenlooper has done reasonably well.

In a KOA interview with Ed Greene and Marty Lenz (7-31-18), I pointed out that he begins his presidential due diligence with at least a sense of satisfaction that since 2003, at the beginning of his mayoral term, he’s finished 15 years of elected office in good order.

Although the presidential field is wide open, it is crowded with both D.C. liberal icons, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, newcomers, like Kamala Harris, and, of course, the establishment-types, like Joe Biden. Hickenlooper is low on most lists. Finding supporters, wealthy funders and interest groups interested in his pragmatic message and quirky demeanor will be a formidable task. As of today, the odds look long, but it’s early and things can change quickly. Think of 2016.

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Dave Barnes said...

Hick is too old.
The Dimocrats need to go with someone under the age of 57.