Friday, April 15, 2016

Brazil and Brexit: Developed Democracies in Crises

President Rousseff
Dilma Rousseff, one of the world’s most high-profile women leaders, is on the verge of impeachment after just winning a hard fought presidential re-election in 2014. A high-level corruption scandal and a contracting commodity-based economy are fueling the opposition. In a new Datafolha poll (N2779, April 7-8), Brazilians indicated they favor impeachment (61%) and would like a do over in a new election (79%). An impeachment vote is due April 17 in the Lower House and the President appears vulnerable.

PM Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron, fresh off a surprising parliamentary victory, is now in a fight to hold Britain in the European Union and keep his job. Polls show support to separate is strong and the current vote close. The June election largely depends on Cameron’s credibility, which has suffered due to the divisions in his own Conservative Party and recent revelations about offshore wealth. Brexit also benefits from ongoing criticism of Brussels and conservative opposition to the continent’s initiatives on gay rights and immigration.

Cameron’s approval rating his dropped from his post re-election 50 percent to a rock bottom 34 percent (YouGov). If voters go against the EU, Cameron’s tenure is in doubt.

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