Friday, June 19, 2015

The Revolt Hits Mexico

In Mexico’s recent state and local elections independent and protest candidates won a governorship and numerous municipal races. The three old-line parties are beginning to lose their pull on votes after 27 years of free (i.e., post-PRI dominated) elections.

In the state of Nuevo León, with its rich business capital Monterrey, Jamie Rodríguez became the first governor independent of the three dominate parties. Independents won the mayorship in Cuernavaca and Guadalajara. Also, although he didn’t win office Lopez Obrador, the wild leftist former mayor of Mexico City, is back with a party winning congressional seats in the city.

Nearly 40 percent of Mexican votes went to third parties, some merely gathering around a single charismatic candidate, such as Morena created by Lopez Obrador.

Mexico has well-established polling professionals. Final polls from major polling outlets were accurate, except for some polls overestimating the PRD’s vote, no doubt due to its accelerated late losses to Morena and other parties.

Although the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) lost seats in this election, President Peña Nieto holds a congressional majority, joining parties on the left, such as the Green, and some other small parties.

President Salinas was the last president elected under the old corrupt system that made presidential elections a one-party event for more than 70 years.

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Dave Barnes said...

Is the "revolt" why all "the rapists" are sent to the USA?