Monday, June 22, 2015

Ambassador Mamet Welcomes Crossley Center to Argentina

U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, Noah Mamet, welcomed Floyd and KK Ciruli to the beautiful ambassador residence, the Bosch Palace.

Ciruli, representing the Crossley Center, was in Argentina to join polling colleagues from around the world for a WAPOR conference.  The World Association of Public Opinion Research meets yearly for presentations, panels and papers on major topics in public opinion.

Ciruli presented a paper on the historical, political and public opinion context concerning the U.S. change in policy toward Cuba. Ambassador Mamet pointed out the positive effect the policy changes have had for Latin American diplomats.

The Crossley Center is a part of the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies. Ciruli also participated in a panel with international public opinion experts in “Polls, Media and Elections,” organized by Kathy Frankovic, former polling director/CBS News.

Ambassador Mamet is a California resident and a UCLA graduate.

(L to R) Ambassador Mamet, KK Ciruli and
 Floyd Ciruli at Bosch Palace

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