Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Elections in 2015

There are a host of elections in 2015 that could have significant effect on foreign affairs and the world economy.
  • Stress in the EU –Greek election in January goes to anti-austerity far left. It may begin the disassembling of the great European experiment in unity.
  • The Island – Great Britain is losing its two-party tradition. Scottish separatists and anti-EU and anti-immigration parties may have veto.
  • Middle East – Israel extends Prime Minister Netanyahu’s mandate. But, Israel’s position is becoming more tenuous due to world opinion support for a Palestinian state.
  • Africa – Nigeria, an important but fragmented country, delays its February election to March 28 due to security issues. President Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Nigerian Christian, runs for re-election in a divided country with an active insurgency.

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