Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Argument Over AP History

Colorado has become the latest battleground over the control of high school history curriculum. The Jefferson County School Board wants to review the curriculum for balance. Teachers and students believe they want to censor and candy coat American history. This battle is being fought within a larger struggle between the board and the union for power and money.

9KUSA, Nelson Garcia, 9-26-14:

9News Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli says this is a debate that has spanned the nation. The Texas State Board of Education has taken up the issue and the Republican National Committee has issued statements showing concern over this curriculum.

“This is all part of an even bigger struggle,” Ciruli said.

He says conservative groups are worried about the type of students that are graduating from high school, politically.

“All the polls indicate that this generation is much more liberal than previous generations and they're convinced that at least part of it is because of what they've been taught,” Ciruli said.

Ciruli believes that AP U.S. history curriculum is being targeted for specific reasons.

“Those are your best history teachers. Those are your best history students,” Ciruli said. “That’s the place where you would be the most concerned that the history is from, the point of view of a conservative, balanced.”

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