Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is Democratic Control of Legislature in Danger?

The latest PPP poll asked a generic state legislative question and produced a 7-point Republican advantage.

Probably the most impressive part of the Democratic and liberal strategy to become dominant in Colorado was its state legislative effort:  recruitment, candidate guidance and funding.

The Republican “wave” of 2010 helped them win the House by one seat, but Democrats won it back plus four more in the 2012 Obama presidential win.

Can the Republicans turn the wave plus the controversial 2013 session and subsequent recalls and resignation into a one-seat win to take the senate, and less probable, but doable, produce a 5-seat win in the House?
Democrats have leveraged pure campaign skill and massive amounts of money to fight well above their natural strength in the Colorado electorate. In 2014, Republicans will have some national advantages to level the playing field a bit. But, they will still have to win it seat by seat.

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