Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Republicans Begin to Focus on Elections

Dick Wadhams, in a Denver Post Prospective section column, argues that Colorado Republicans have an opportunity to recover in 2014 what infighting and weak candidates lost since 2002, a competitive, even dominant, Republican Party.

Wadhams cites unaffiliated women voters, metro unaffiliated voters and Hispanics as major constituencies that Republican candidates must be competitive with to win statewide.

He believes Congressman Mike Coffman and U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Cory Gardner have the ability to appeal to those constituencies. But, he warns that nominating a single-issue candidate for governor, like Tom Tancredo, could damage the entire ticket.

Colorado Republicans’ chances for winning in 2014 is being helped by a national Republican Party that is finally focused on strategies and messages for the 2014 election and avoiding destructive and doomed fights with the Obama administration.

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Dave Barnes said...

It is Dickwad Hams and not Dick Wadhams.