Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gaming Expansion is Back

Has Colorado moved to the socially liberal position on more than just gay rights and marijuana? Does
Colorado’s passing pot legalization after a previous rejection mean they are ready for more gaming? Colorado has rejected expanding gaming to more cities and towns repeatedly since it was first authorized in three towns in 1990 (expansion of betting limits passed in 2008).

Voters said no overwhelmingly in 2003 to a proposed expansion of video games to race tracks, with the proceeds going to parks, open space and tourism promotion.

Ten million dollars was spent mostly for and against the initiative.

Now, a new proposal for video games and full casino table games is being proposed for current and potential horse tracks in Arapahoe, Pueblo and Mesa counties. It would allegedly produce $100 million in proceeds annually for K-12 schools.

Has there been a major change in public attitudes toward expanded gaming?

1 comment:

Dave Barnes said...

A casino near Denver would devastate Central City and Blackhawk.
I think voters understand this.
Nothing about morality.