Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney Winning Independent Voters in Colorado

The recent Colorado robo poll (Purple Poll) has the Romney-Ryan ticket beating Obama-Biden by four percentage points among independent voters.  President Obama was three points ahead in the poll.

President Obama and Mitt Romney tie in their support among their respective partisans, each with a 73-point advantage.

Obama is winning two more percentage points of Republicans than Romney is taking of Democrats (13% Republicans for Obama, 11% Democrats for Romney), but more Democrats are undecided as of August 14 (5% Democrat, 2% Republican).

Not surprisingly, independent voters are mostly positioned between partisans in their political attitudes.  Whereas Democrats approve of Obama’s job performance 76 percent to 10 percent disapprove, and Republicans reverse the order at 10 percent approval to 88 percent disapproval, independent voters position themselves near the middle at 42 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval.

They tend to be less decided than most other voters, with 10 percent not sure of Obama’s job approval or a similar 10 percent not able to pick between Obama and Romney.
Independent voters are also positioned between Democrats and Republicans on their rating of the direction of the economy, but it still leaves them substantially pessimistic (27% getting better to 41% getting worse).

New national polls show independents are leaning Romney:
  • Fox News:  Romney 42% to 32%.  Obama carried by 8 points in 2008.
  • CNN:  Romney 48% to 45%

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