Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hickenlooper Running for President?

John Hickenlooper’s buzz quotient went up two weeks ago as he reinforced his nascent national visibility with a performance at the Waldo fire and the July 20th shooting.  He has also booked a New Hampshire speech that started the beltway commentariat to speculate about presidential ambitions.

To some extent, the early 2016 buzz is a reflection of boredom with the current race, which appears stuck in a two point Obama lead, with 90 more days of browbeating an ever diminishing group of voters.

Ironically, Hickenlooper’s separation announcement increased his presidential ambitions buzz.  It’s now assumed, with little evidence, but a logic that Helen saw the plan and said this is the time to change her trajectory.

Hickenlooper’s next test will be Colorado voters.  As Gary Hart, Roy Romer, Bill Owens and others can testify to, the more visible one becomes on the national stage, the more estranged can one’s image become to Colorado’s often demanding and somewhat insular electorate.

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