Thursday, March 1, 2012

Americans Will Support Response to Iranian Aggression

Americans are war weary.  They are glad to be out of Iraq, which they call a mistake, and support the Afghanistan withdrawal.  But, if Iran takes a hostile act against America or its vital interests, Americans will support a strike against it.

Iran is mentioned most frequently as American’s “greatest enemy.”

Gallup reports Iran also has an 87 percent unfavorable rating, the bottom of a list of countries that Canada, Australia and Great Britain lead and Iran and North Korea anchor.

If Iran goes nuclear, attacks Israel or closes the Strait of Hormuz, Americans will support a counterstrike.

If Israel attacks Iran, Americans’ response will likely depend on the context.  Israel has the advantage of being favorably thought of by 71 percent of Americans, but they will need a strong justification.

Iran represents a danger to the administration.  Americans are worried about it.  Pew reports people are closely divided on Obama’s handling of Iran.  Forty-eight percent approve and 41 percent disapprove.  Presidential elections and Iran have had a bad history, witnessing Jimmy Carter’s long unsuccessful effort to extract the hostages in 1980.


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