Thursday, September 1, 2011

Auditor Gallagher Seems Fired Up

Usually low-profile, Dennis Gallagher has been in the news lately with lots of opinions, if not much authority.

He took after the Denver Public Library proposal for a district, usually an organization he supports (note: we have been a supporter of the Denver Public Library proposal for secure funding and more independence for years), and in a very angry press release, Gallagher said the Stock Show would not move “on my watch.”

He’s right on the Stock Show; it’s politically dead on arrival. In fact, it’s been so misplayed no Aurora deal may be possible. But, Dennis is a very political guy. Is the new fired up Gallagher a product of his view the transition to a new mayor and a new city council has created a cease in civic authority that a political entrepreneur, like Gallagher, can come to dominate or at least have some fun shaking up? Also, Dennis was not in the Hancock group, so maybe he’s organizing his version of the loyal opposition.

Watch Dennis, he may be Denver’s most savvy politician.

See Denver Post blog:  Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher strongly opposes move of National Western Stock Show to Aurora

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