Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hickenlooper was up 10 Points in Last Poll, Won by 21

Candidate John Hickenlooper was 10 points up in the April 23 poll taken for the Denver Post 13 days before the May 6 general election in 2003. Ari Zavaras had faded to third place with 12 percent, and Don Mares, the City Auditor, was in a solid second. Legislator Penfield Tate surged, and although he didn’t make third, his move gave the final days a bit of drama.

Hickenlooper won by 21 points over Mares.

This year, the only published poll (a Denver Post a robo poll) shows the top three candidates bunched at 22 percent each for Chris Romer and James Mejia, with Michael Hancock in third (18%). Final momentum or a candidate stall could open the race up by 5 to 10 points between now and May 3, given the high percentage of undecided and weakly decided voters.

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