Monday, January 3, 2011

Waak and Wadhams Could Both Win Re-election

Colorado’s strange bifurcated election left both Pat Waak and Dick Wadhams unhappy with the results and vulnerable to criticism. However, both were dealing with macro political forces that dominated local organizational and financial resources. Democrats held the governorship and U.S. Senate with luck and smart campaigning. But, Republicans won most other races that were competitive.

Both Waak and Wadhams could likely win re-election, but Waak decided to retire after six years during which the Colorado Democratic Party had its most successful run in more than 50 years. Her stepping down at a Party high point, but as it enters a new era, is no doubt smart and classy.

Wadhams had a tougher year because the expectations were for a sweep, and loss of the top two offices was a major disappointment. But, he is also well-respected with deep roots in the Colorado Republican Party and its power structure. Although frankly, it’s not clear why he would want to do another term.

See Denver Post article:  Dem chair stepping aside

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