Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Media Moved Into Colorado

A Saturday article in the New York Times began a network and cable news rush to Colorado on Monday before the August 10 primary. It reflected the most national commentary I’ve participated in since starting at Channel 9 and the old Rocky Mountain News in the mid-1980s. Fortunately, my interview with the New York Times took place before I had a beer at Gus’ Tavern in Pueblo, not after 150 members of the Ciruli family began a weekend reunion.

Floyd Ciruli Interviews
Colorado Primary Election 2010

Washington Post – “The acid period is between the 10th and after Labor Day.” Dan Balz, July 22, 2010
New York Times – “It would be a huge slam in both cases on the respective establishments.” Carl Hulse, August 8, 2010
     Congressional Quarterly – July 26, 2010
     NPR – July 23, 2010
     MSNBC – Tom Curry, July 28, 2010
     CNN – John King, August 9, 2010
     PBS News Hour – August 9, 2010
     NBC Nightly News – August 10, 2010
     Fox News Special Report – August 10, 2010
     9KUSA – Election night, August 10, 2010
     CBS Evening News – August 11, 2010
Denver Post Perspective – “And this battle will take place in a state with a close partisan balance. It should be a campaign the country wants to watch.” August 15, 2010

The highlight of the interviews was a half-hour with CNN’s John King on Monday night. The panel had Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, a very sharp and pragmatic Democratic advocate.

My CBS clip referenced Andrew Romanoff selling his house as a sign of determination, producing a lot of offers for futons and air mattresses for Andrew.

PBS is still the standard for long-piece political journalism, and my interview was used to open the show, and in a longer piece on the Colorado primary – a real treat.

In the Denver Post’s Sunday article, I predicted the camera crews will be back in late October. Colorado has all the conditions to remain a political battleground.

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