Friday, July 2, 2010

Denver’s Mayor’s Race Starts

With the announcement of James Mejia, the Denver mayor’s race has begun. There are a number of candidates testing the water and raising funds. Current city council members Michael Hancock and Carol Boigon are often mentioned as are former candidate Penfield Tate (2003) and current State Senator Chris Romer. It is assumed the business community will try to unify behind a pro-business candidate.

Early List

Of course, the shape of the election depends on John Hickenlooper’s success in his gubernatorial run. If he wins, the seat would open up in early January 2011 at the latest. If not, some candidates might stay in the race and challenge the Mayor (assuming he stands for re-election).

The Denver City Council declares a vacancy:

• Election within 120-130 days
• Deputy Mayor becomes Mayor
• Need 300 signatures filed 55 days before Election Day
• Plurality, no run off
• Likely all-mail election, or
• If vacancy 160 days before regular election (May 2011), no special election required

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