Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tea Party – The 2010 Mid-term Election Voter Story

The Tea Party is the voter movement that appears to have the best possibility of influencing the 2010 mid-term election. The size of the movement is reported to range from 10 percent of the public made up of those who are actively involved, up to 28 percent who say they support the movement. The core group are mostly conservative (about 70%) and will vote Republican in November. About 60 percent are male and 50 years old or over. Two-thirds have college educations and 40 percent attend church regularly.

The issue that appears to motivate them the most is the growth of government and spending as exemplified by the health care debate. They strongly believe the government doesn’t listen.

• They are less concerned by social issues.

• They more strongly believe the government is moving in the wrong direction and the economy is in deeper trouble than the public in general.

(Also see Gallup poll, NY Times and CNN)

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