Friday, October 9, 2020

Senate Leadership – Who Wins Nov. 3rd?

Is it Mitch or Chuck? They each lead dramatically different teams and agendas. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been in charge since Republicans won a majority in 2014, which included the election of then Colorado Congressperson Cory Gardner. His top deputies are senators John Thune (South Dakota), John Barrasso (Wyoming), Roy Blunt (Missouri) and John Cornyn who recently rotated out of Majority Whip position (up for reelection in Texas).

Charles “Chuck” Schumer has been Minority Leader since Harry Reid (Nevada) retired in 2016. His top deputy is Dick Durbin of Illinois with Patty Murray (Washington) and Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts).

Also, voters in November will select a vice president who can vote to break a tie.

Currently, President Trump’s election difficulties are endangering McConnell’s majority. Cory Gardner’s fate may be the one that decides the Senate leadership in 2021.

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