Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Colorado Headed for Record Voter Turnout – More Than 3 Million

More than half the 2016 turnout has already voted as Colorado approaches a record turnout of between 3.2 and 3.5 million voters. It represents a dramatic increase above the 2,780,000 Coloradans that voted in the 2016 presidential election.

The rapid rush of mail-back voting, with more than half the expected vote in the county clerks’ offices, with a week to go. Data comes from a daily report being issued by the Secretary of State.

October 23 U.S. Election Project

  • Texas: 6.4 million (71% of 2016 total)
  • North Carolina: 2.7 million (57% of 2016 total)
  • Georgia: 2.3 million (56% of 2016 total)
  • Florida: 4.7 million (50% of 2016 total)
  • Colorado: 1.4 million (50% of 2016 total) (Oct. 27 – now 1.8 million)
  • Arizona: 1.2 million (45% of 2016 total)
  • Iowa: 685,000 (44% of 2016 total)
  • Michigan: 2.0 million (41% of 2016 total)
  • Wisconsin: 1.2 million (41% of 2016 total)
  • Nevada: 371,000 (33% of 2016 total)
  • Ohio: 1.6 million (29% of 2016 total)
  • Pennsylvania: 1.5 million (24% of 2016 total)

Early mail-back voting should ensure a smooth Election Night with data available early. Some close elections may require extra time for counting, but the Colorado system remains a national model.

Democratic and unaffiliated voters dominate the early returns, but Republicans will improve their performance closer to Election Day, with some taking President Trump’s advice to vote in-person.

The demographics of early returns track with historical trends of women voting early being more Democratic and early voting men more likely to be unaffiliated and Republican voters. Older voters (45 years old and older, Baby Boomers and Silent) dominate early returns over early participation of Gen X, Gen Z and Millennials by nearly two-to-one. The top 11 counties have 85 percent of the early votes.

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