Tuesday, March 3, 2020

“Stop Bernie” Campaign Gains Traction

Nevada finally woke up Bernie Sanders’s rivals and put the party establishment in a full panic mode.

Until the Nevada blowout, Sanders performed as expected or slightly below. He only tied in Iowa and his New Hampshire win was modest compared to four years ago. But, the Nevada caucus result (47%) and Sanders’s interpretation of his near sweep of Democratic constituencies, including labor and Hispanics, against Joe Biden and the field convinced everyone he could win the nomination and do it quickly.

Pete Buttigieg barely waited for the results to claim Sanders would be a disaster in November for Democratic candidate running for Congress and the Senate and criticized his so-called “revolution” as an inflexible ideology.

Quickly, Mike Bloomberg weighed in with a poll of congressional swing districts, which purported to show Sanders would be a burden.

Even his progressive soulmate, Elizabeth Warren, who has been unwilling to criticize, opened up a full blown attack on the vulnerability of his socialist label, her concern for other Democrats on the ticket, implying he’s isn’t interested in anyone but himself, and his ineffectual legislative strategy citing their differences in keeping the filibuster rule (she’s against it, he’s for it).

Given his weak performance in South Carolina, will the Sanders steamroll take a hit on March 3.

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