Wednesday, January 29, 2020

February 3 – Time to Decide: Record Number of Voters Likely to Participate

Democrats will start to pick their 2020 nominees in Iowa, and continue for one month to the Super Tuesday, March 3 events. By March 4, a total of 1,505 delegates will have been selected toward the 1,990 needed for the nomination in Milwaukie.

In terms of delegates, the first four contests only select 155 delegates combined, whereas Super Tuesday allocates 1,350. Colorado will make a modest contribution (67) to the count, but a record number of Democrats, and for the first time unaffiliated voters, could return their mail-in ballots.

Although by March 4, nearly 40 percent of convention delegates will be selected, it’s not clear the field will narrow to just a couple of top candidates or continue to provide some support to three or four. But money and media coverage tend to narrow quickly to the most viable survivors of the first wave.

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