Friday, August 9, 2019

Visit Nixon Library

Richard Nixon would be unhappy. His home, Orange County, now has more registered Democrats (547,450) than Republicans (547,369), with “no preference” in a rapidly growing third place (440,711). As the consummate politician, it is interesting to speculate what he would recommend for Republicans. The county has been a Republican stronghold since its founding, with its recent high point in 1984 when Ronald Reagan won it with 84 percent.

It’s a relevant debate because the Nixon Presidential Library is now led by Hugh Hewitt, who spends considerable time in Washington defending President Trump’s policies. Is Nixon a Trump man?

The causes for the California Republican decline are many, but few observers believe 2020 and Trump’s re-election effort will help the party recover. Most see relief only after Trump moves on and the polarization declines.

Hugh Hewitt at the Presidential Library in Yorba Linda,
March 25, 2019 | Mindy Schauer/ Orange County Register/SCNG

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