Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Debate Moves the Polls: Hickenlooper in Trouble

The next wave of polls will reflect the June debate and some trends that were underway. As of July 3, some observations:

There are eleven other one-percent candidates, many of whom had their moments, but will need a major break in the next debate to be around much longer. In fact, for Colorado’s two candidates, just maintaining credibility until July 30 will be a task. John Hickenlooper, in particular, after what was judged a weak performance at the debate and months of campaigning, is losing believability.

Not appearing in repeated polls, including the latest CNN and Quinnipiac polls (less than 6 mentions in polls of 600 respondents), has moved Hickenlooper and Bennet below one percent and now off the RCP average.

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