Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Landess - 40 Years in News

Mike Landess, one of Colorado’s veteran news anchors, is about to take a sabbatical after 40 years. Landess joined Channel 9 in September 1977. Jimmy Carter was president, Dick Lamm the governor and Bill McNichols the mayor of Denver. About ten years after his start, I joined Channel 9 with Mike’s co-anchor, Ed Sardella.

Mike was a patient teacher for a new commentator. In those days, I did polls for the consortium of 9News, the Rocky Mountain News and KOA Radio.

As I wrote Mike after reading John Wenzel’s great piece, “Your interview highlights your adaption to the changing news and tech environment. Keep having fun.” Mike is not retiring, just moving to his next adventure.

Mike Landess and Ed Sardella (foreground), May 13, 1980,
May 27, 1980 | Denver Post via Getty Images
Mike Landess, July 18, 2016 | FOX31 Denver

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