Tuesday, March 13, 2018

9News: Democratic Caucus Shakes Out Governor’s Race

In an interview with Brandon Rittiman, Floyd Ciruli, 9News political analyst, cited several changes that shook out of Cary Kennedy’s big win (50%) at the Democratic caucus, March 6.
  • Jared Polis will be on the ballot and spend money, but party regulars and the 2018 activists passed him over. Setback for frontrunner image (32%).
  • Mike Johnston had some good reviews for early petitions and presentations, but may lack a base in the party (9%). Kennedy has the teachers that have activists in every county and most precincts.
  • Noel Ginsberg went caucus route (2%). He’s done.
  • Donna Lynn stayed out of caucus. March 20 is the last day for petitions. She looks like a very, very longshot.
9News: Kennedy claims frontrunner status in caucus

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