Friday, January 5, 2018

Romer Recognized for LA Unified Building Program

Roy Romer is about to turn 90 and just got recognized for his work in 2000 when he became the superintendent of one of the largest and most unmanageable school districts in the country – LA Unified.

The Los Angeles City Council honored him for his well-regarded six-year tour in which he used his business and political background to focus on desperately needed capital projects. He was responsible for building 131 new schools. Always a salesman, he talked LA voters into three bond initiatives.

His quote in Colorado Politics was vintage Romer:
“I was over 70, I was unemployed, I needed a job. Having served 12 years as Colorado’s governor, you’ve got to look hard to find a better job than that,” a smiling Romer, 89, told the crowd that packed council chambers. He added, “I have 22 grandchildren. There is no higher value in my system than to enable a person to learn and to grow and to be all they can be. I didn’t work harder all my life than the six years, seven years I spent here.”
Former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer thanks Los Angeles City Council who
honored  him for his work as superintendent of the LA Unified  School
District, Dec. 13, 2017 | Colorado Politics/LA City Council video screengrab 

See Colorado Politics: LA City Council honors former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer for accomplishments as school superintendent

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