Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dow Hits Six 1000-point Increases Since Trump Election

In a record of 23 days, the Dow crossed 25000 on Thursday, January 4, three trading days into 2018.

Is the market reaching a top? The analysts are mixed. World economies mostly remain robust, but inflation lurks and this is the age of disruption. Is it the end of the greatest bull market since WWII, with stock prices high and a downturn imminent or is the market in the middle of a worldwide expansion at a sweet spot for inflation (low), interests rates (still low) and commodity prices (like oil)?

The Trump boom has produced two record quick 1000-point increases. Thirty-four days on March 1 when 21000 was crossed and Thursday, 23-day holiday barn burner. The last 20-day increase was in the dot-com boom of 1999 when the market hit 11000 in 24 days. Although the market ended the year at a record gain of 25 percent, the fifth year in a row with double-digit gains, the Dow peaked on January 14, 2000, meandered, and then plunged 40 percent to 7200 in 2002. It took 7 years to gain another 1000 and hit 12000 after the dot-com burst. Is there a crash in 2018?

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