Friday, September 9, 2016

Presidential Debates and Moderators; More at Stake Than Usual

The presidential debates’ dates, locations and moderators are set. The usual rule has been they can reinforce trends, but don’t change the directions of elections. But this year is different.

Personality-driven politics with two frontrunners highly disliked by even many of their supporters means confrontation, especially the first one could make a difference. Donald Trump will lose this race unless he can change the dynamics. He needs a major win in a debate. And, the debates will be the key events shaping the next 60 days.

The polls that will be used to determine the debate participants are:

ABC – Washington Post
CBS – New York Times
CNN – Opinion Research Corporation
Fox News
NBC – Wall Street Journal

They were selected on the basis of the reputation and resources they have available.

See Business Insider: Here are the presidential debate moderators

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