Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald Trump's Soaring Unfavorable Rating – 69%

Voters in the Denver metro area may vote for Donald Trump, but not because they like him. His unfavorability rating is a sky-high 69 percent, a full 19 points less favorable than Hillary Clinton’s 50 percent. As most polls show, Bernie Sanders has fewer detractors, with only a 39 percent unfavorable rating, and the highest favorability of the three candidates (53%).

National polls have shown the spectacular poor impression people have of the two frontrunners for their respective parties. It has led this blog to reference to this as the “Regret Election.”  Voters will select the candidate they regret voting for the least. The following internal polling data highlights the dramatic feelings voters have for the two frontrunners.

Trump does his worst with Hispanics (82%), Blacks (73%) and Muslims (80%) “very unfavorable.” Clinton’s highest “very unfavorable” ratings are men (46%), Whites (42%), independents (48%), and her age cohorts 65-74 years old (54%).

Survey conducted with 600 likely voters in the seven-county Denver metro area by Ciruli Associates in May 2016 with a plus or minus of 4 percentage points. One-half the sample of 300 likely voters has a plus or minus of 5.6 percentage points.

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