Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Obama’s Approval Up as Clinton Hits New Low

Barack Obama enters his last few months in office with the highest approval rating since early 2013 after his re-election. Beginning this year, Obama has frequently had an approval at 50 percent, with more Americans approving his job performance than disapproving.

That is very good news for the Democratic nominee. Presidential approval, along with the direction and state of the economy, are considered the most powerful predictors in the success of extending a party’s control of the White House into a third term.

Unfortunately for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, her favorability with the general public has hit a new low. Only 32 percent have a favorable view of her according to the latest WSJ/NBC News poll. Even among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, Clinton’s favorability rating has declined perceptibly since November due to a barrage of criticism from Bernie Sanders and a string of primary and caucus losses (Gallup).

Donald Trump, of course, is seen even more negatively, with 65 percent having an unfavorable view of him (WSJ/NBC News).

A host of factors may be helping Obama’s approval, including the fact he’s not the target of Republican presidential candidates as they focus on each other, and he’s had some popular initiatives, including the trip to Cuba and his Supreme Court choice. The pick-up in the economy no doubt helps as does the stark contrast, especially for Democrats, as to what could succeed him.

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