Monday, April 11, 2016

DeGette Feels the Bern

Rep. Diana DeGette
Representative Diana DeGette drew a primary challenger at the South High School First Congressional District convention last Saturday. It is her first primary since her election in 1996.

In a convention solidly in Bernie Sanders’ presidential camp, DeGette, as a Clinton super delegate, tried to finesse it, but was called out and challenged.

Although the candidate is purely symbolic and claims to be a global warming advocate, it shows the passion of the Sanders’ delegates. Also, primaries for long-serving incumbents are often a sign they should think about their next office or retirement.


Melanie Stafford said...

Hey, Mr. Ciruli,

How about taking the same shot across the bow at Doug Lamborn, who faced a SERIOUS challenge at Saturday's Republican convention?! THANK GOD for Diana DeGette's service in Congress, as the only woman in the Colorado delegation, to counter Lamborn and his ilk. (Some of us have not forgotten that while in the Colorado Senate, Lamborn chased his girlfriend down the street with a knife!) I hope Diana DeGette does not even consider retirement until Ruth Bader Ginsberg does, because that would be Denver's huge loss.

Chuck Norris said...

When we met back in '86 you had a much better eye for detail.

Representative DeGette did not "draw" a primary challenger at the Congressional District Assembly last Saturday. The CD1 Assembly Delegates voted a primary ballot to an opponent who has been openly challenging her since November 2014. On the day I filed with the SEC to run in CD1, I stopped by her office here in Denver to let her know I was challenging her and provide her with personal contact information. For more than a year, her staff has regularly attending almost all of my speaking engagements. My campaign far predated the 'Bernie' phenomenon, although my issues clearly resonate with his followers. I am clearly quite the opposite of a global warming "advocate." I am horrified by it. The catastrophic danger of global warming IS one of my campaign issues, but it is not only one.

Look a bit deeper, Floyd, like in the old days; leave the "purely symbolic" pap to others.

Chuck Norris

Floyd Ciruli said...


Thank you for the information. And good luck on your campaign.