Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Clinton and Trump Both Attract Older, Moderate and Downscale Voters – KOA With Susan Witkin and Mike Rice

As discussed with Susan and Mike on KOA, it’s not generally recognized, but older Democratic Party regular Hillary Clinton and Republican outsider Donald Trump are drawing from similar constituencies in their respective parties. An analysis of primary exit polls show they both attract older voters and are losing the young, are supported by moderates, are in tough fights with their respective party extremes, and win the lion’s share of lower income and less educated voters. They are both opposed by better educated party elites.

The candidates will have to expand off their base to broaden their appeal for the general election. But, Trump has the much tougher task. His record-high unfavorability leaves him handicapped to appeal to younger voters; conservatives; the establishment; and constituencies Clinton has a substantial lead with, women and minorities.

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