Friday, April 22, 2016

Caucus vs. the Presidential Primary: KOA, April Zesbaugh

After a 16-year hiatus, the Colorado presidential primary is back. It took a highly contested presidential nomination and controversial caucus process to end the long dominance of the precinct caucus and state convention system.

The Democrats, with their preference poll and battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, attracted more than 120,000 participants in a night that overwhelmed the caucus sites and the volunteers running them. Thousands showed up at some sites in the metro area, waited hours, and then only waved their support and left. Hardly the ideal caucus experience.

“No Vote” Primary
The Republicans had the opposite experience. By abandoning the preference poll (mostly a beauty contest-type that previously didn’t bind delegates), only 60,000 Republicans turned out and the proceedings were dominated by party regulars and strong conservatives well organized by Ted Cruz. At the state convention, when it was clear Donald Trump would be shut out, the cries of a rigged process, a “no voter” primary started and are likely to continue to the Republican convention in Ohio.

The credibility of the caucus is dead.

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