Friday, April 29, 2016

And Then There Were Two (Three)

Congratulations to Jon Keyser, who just made the primary ballot by way of a court challenge. (See 9News: Jon Keyser makes primary ballot via court challenge) The following blog was posted just minutes before the news.
The Republican U.S. Senate primary is, as of today, a two-man race between Darryl Glenn, a county commissioner from El Paso with little money in the bank for the June 28 primary, and Jack Graham of Larimer County. Graham, a former CSU athletic director, has nearly $1 million in the bank.
Three candidates failed to turn in sufficient petitions to make the ballot: Rob Blaha, Ryan Frazier and Jon Keyser. Keyser is protesting his exclusion since it only involved 86 signatures in the Third Congressional District. Is Graham now the frontrunner? How does he match up against the incumbent Michael Bennet?
See The Buzz: Up to Five Candidates in Colorado Republican Primary

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