Monday, January 18, 2016

Carrying Baggage

Poor John Podesta. After a storied career as a top-level Washington operative in the tradition of a Harriman, Clifford and Strauss, he must still deal with the baggage of his most famous and least disciplined clients, Bill Clinton. Podesta was Clinton’s last Chief of Staff and was with him during the Lewinski affair. Now, as Chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, he has responsibility for defending the former president’s reputation against attacks from rivals.

Most recently, he warned Bernie Sanders to lay off the “personal attacks” and declared Bill Clinton “remains an asset for us.”

Of course, Podesta knows well Bill Clinton’s resilience in the face of political attacks. And chairing the likely Democratic nominee campaign makes him the most powerful Democrat operative in the country.

See Politico: Podesta warns Sanders on Clinton sex scandals: “I hope he’s not going there”

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