Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Kingdom for a Horse

But for something relatively simple, a viable candidate in Colorado, the Republican’s may lose their
Sen. Michael Bennet
U.S. Senate majority. They are vulnerable in at least four seats nationally, and along with winning Harry Reid’s seat in Nevada, they had hoped to put Colorado in play.

Although the latest Quinnipiac University survey shows Senator Michael Bennet vulnerable in his re-election, no horse, no race, and so far the Republicans’ self-starters for the senate nomination have gathered little enthusiasm from both local Republicans and importantly the national Republican interest groups that will have to fund most of the $50 million or more a race could cost.

Bennet’s polling numbers are weak.
  • His approval rating is 37%, 10 points below Governor Hickenlooper at 47% and 8 points below Senator Cory Gardner.
  • His re-elect numbers are in negative territory at 30% re-elect, 41% don’t re-elect.
  • Substantial percentages of voters don’t have a position on his performance: 28% overall couldn’t rate it – 40% of Republicans and 31% of Democrats.
  • Also, Hillary Clinton loses to many of the Republican frontrunners in early polls, indicating a competitive contest and little help for Bennet.
But Bennet is perceived as well-positioned for re-election. He has funding and his moderate voting record (e.g., Keystone Pipeline) has won him friends in the upper reaches of the state’s business and civic establishment.

Senate Democrats only need four or five seats (depending if they win the presidency) to take back the Senate and holding Bennet’s Colorado seat is an essential, and as of today, likely part of that strategy.

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Dave Barnes said...

1. Bennet has 6 more months to run "Mike is a great guy" ads. Unopposed as the GOP: Party of Hate® primary is in June.
2. Tim Neville, likely opponent, is no Cory. He won't be able to pretend to be a moderate. His smile is not a cute as Cory's.
3. Every day in every way, The Donald™ weakens the Republican brand a tiny bit more.

All that said. Mike sucks as a campaigner. All he really wants to do is sit around with his Wall Street buddies and swap bond jokes.