Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Trump Surge

Donald Trump has captured the 20 percent of the Republican Party that most intensely dislikes
Washington D.C., including the party’s own leadership. In fact, the more Trump attacks the leadership, the more intensely they support him.

Many Republican voters are at the moment only interested in shaking up the system, and Trump is their candidate.

9-News Political Expert Floyd Ciruli says Trump’s controversial comments may actually be the reason he’s gained so much support among Republican voters.
“They are very anti-establishment, they’re anti-Washington D.C., they’re not happy with the leadership of the Republican Party. And so the fact that Trump spends a tremendous amount of time criticizing that leadership, they find quite popular,” Ciruli said. (9-News, 7-26-15)
The latest round of polls show Trump ahead of Jeb Bush and Scott Walker after the attacks on Senator McCain. He has also surged to second place in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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