Wednesday, July 8, 2015

News Briefs

The State Water Plan, Save the Plan

James Eklund
CWCB Director
The state water plan is finally ready to move beyond values, goals and objectives to some actual solutions that will trigger legislation, administrative rules and voluntary actions by municipalities, utilities and other water providers. Some possible solutions that emerged from the need to close a very substantial water gap in 2050:
  • Put conservation more firmly in the system; make it flexible, but firm;
  • Prioritize projects identified as needed to close the water gap and expedite the state’s permitting process;
  • Use incentives for green land use planning and building; and
  • Incentives using water we have already: recycled, rain and grey water.
If Colorado wants to avoid California’s panicked drought reaction, we should use this opportunity and years of hard work to take some real action.

See The Colorado Independent: Waiting for Chapter 10: What’s the plan in the state water plan?

Denver Post Moves Digital to Top Position and Print as the Past

In a document offered as a guide to employees, Greg Moore of the Denver Post has described the
Gregory Moore,
Denver Post Editor
paper’s transition from a “newspaper” to digital platform in which paper still has a role, but not much.

Describing the new working groups and the skill sets that will have to be developed is the work of a Pulitzer Prize itself. It’s hard to imagine the region without a “paper,” but we are headed toward a “platform.” Hopefully, it can provide all the community benefits we have received from 150 years of great newspapers. We were diminished as a community by the loss of the Rocky Mountain News, a diminished and hard to find Post will be an even greater loss.

See Jim Romenesko blog: Memo: It’s time for Denver Post 4.0

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