Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Clinton Global Initiative in Denver – Denver Post

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Photo: Getty Images
John Frank and Mark Matthews deconstruct the Clinton Global Initiative in the Sunday Denver Post. They quoted my May 26 post in The Buzz: New Tools in Quest for White House: Clinton Foundation and the Center for American Progress. My post described the benefit the Clintons, and especially a candidate for president, receives from an international foundation and Davos-like events. The Denver Post article describes the downside, which has become much more intense since Hillary Clinton began her presidential quest.

Denver Post: 

Floyd Ciruli, a Denver-based political analyst, considers the foundation one of Clinton’s “essential tools in what has become a global influence network and billion-dollar quest for the White House.”

The recent suggestions of conflicts of interest and transparency complicate the equation. Nevertheless, Ciruli sees the conference itself as “an international schmooze-fest ... (that) has been a huge asset for the Clintons and their ambitions.”

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