Thursday, May 7, 2015

Presidential Primary – Not in 2016

The presidential primary bill died in the Colorado Senate. It would have made next year’s contest more entertaining and engaged a few more Republicans, but it was expensive (at least $1.7 million). Fortunately for Colorado voters who like their politics intense, the state already has a top-rated status as a battleground for the general election. The Denver Post referenced The Buzz in regretting the legislature’s failure to act.

Political consultant Floyd Ciruli argued recently on his blog that even with a primary, Colorado probably wouldn't attract much more interest from the media or candidates in 2016 because it would be “held simultaneously with eight other states” on March 1. He may be right, but that doesn't undermine the main reason to move away from Colorado's retrograde nominating tradition, which is to broaden the voter base. (Denver Post editorial, 5-5-15)

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