Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Does Stephanopoulos Join Williams?

George Stephanopoulos has damaged ABC News just as it begins its 2016 presidential coverage.
Like Brian Williams, he has possibly ended his career as the lead network news anchor.

Giving money to the Clinton Foundation and participating in the Clinton Global Initiative was a mistake that will be very hard to recover from as the 2106 presidential election begins. ABC News needs to have the full confidence of its audience and at least the acquiesce of the Republican Party, both of which are in doubt now.

Even if the charitable giving could be ignored, failing to disclose it while grilling “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer, was a serious violation of journalistic ethics and good judgment. But Stephanopoulos was also active with the CGI, which is essentially a global networking apparatus for the Clintons and largely lets the American and worldwide left schmooze while also trying to link up with more conservative leaders who like to be in the political action and promote their charitable interests.

Timing is everything and Stephanopoulos’ could not have been worse.

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